Stamped Concrete vs Plain Concrete Patios

Concrete in any form can be an affordable, attractive, and durable option for your patio floor, but there are differences between stamped versus plain in terms of maintenance. Stamped concrete is designed to look like brick or concrete pavers without the higher maintenance.

It has detailing in the surface and often incorporates coloring to match your taste and other décor. To preserve the detailing, a color hardener and sealant must be applied.

We repaired this patio with a concrete overlay & finished up with a stain and seal. Refresh & repair your outdoor space with our infinite design options.


People often choose stamped concrete because it’s more decorative than plain concrete. It’s also more affordable than pavers, bricks, or stones; and it’s more environmentally friendly, with a high-end look. Stamped concrete features the look of a brick or stone paver patio, but maintenance and longevity are far superior.

Plain concrete is more affordable than the other options. It’s cheaper than stamped concrete, but you can still get a fairly high-end look if it has the right finish. The maintenance requirements are actually a little higher for plain concrete because it entails fewer treatments to the surface, but the durability is similar to what you can expect with stamped concrete.

The primary difference in maintenance concerns between stamped concrete and regular concrete is the finish. The sealer, which creates the shine on the surface when it’s finished, may need to be replaced often, but it’s more visible with stamped concrete.

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