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Concrete tile Concrete floors and flooring have several residential, commercial, and industrial applications. In fact, this type of flooring has the best of both worlds: it strengthens your property’s foundation and improves its exterior and interior aesthetics at the same time. Here at Counter Culture in Missouri, we give you all that and more by installing beautiful and affordable concrete floors.

Why Go With Concrete?

Some home and business owners shy away from concrete flooring due to its “cold” or “prison-like” appearance. On the contrary, this durable flooring is an elegant addition to your home or industrial space. The polished sheen promotes a warm look that radiates beauty and elegance. Besides its aesthetic value, concrete floors are sustainable. If it’s possible to use an existing concrete slab, we do so to avoid the consumption of new materials. After sanding down and sealing the concrete, it’ll look as refined as any new concrete.

Endless Flooring Options Available

Concrete is also versatile. We offer different concrete flooring options in Missouri; take your pick from one (or more) of the following:

  • Interior Stained Concrete. Enjoy a “completely finished” feel to your surface with our interior concrete flooring. After the installation, it’ll seem like you’re walking on pre-fabricated tiles or marble.
  • Exterior Stained Concrete. This flooring option is a cost-effective way to spruce up bare concrete pathways or driveways. We apply the stain to your existing concrete and seal the floor.
  • Overlays. There are different types of overlays; some of them include stamped, Kool deck, faux-flagstone, and Pebble tech.
  • Metallic Epoxy. Metallic epoxy is an excellent choice in terms of design versatility. This flooring option is a favorite for contemporary floors.
  • Quartz Flooring. Commonly used in commercial settings, quartz flooring is functional, resistant to abrasion, and possesses non-slip properties.
  • Polished Concrete. This type is most effective way to dress up bare slabs. We transform dull floors with this brilliant flooring.

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