Decorative Concrete Applications in Different Styles

If you are sick of looking at your old gray concrete that looks just like every other slab, you are not alone. Many businesses and homes are looking for a more vibrant and attractive look to enhance the surrounding decor. Not only will decorative concrete shout out pizazz, but can increase the value of your home or business building.

Many contractors and homeowners are looking for more than the regular aggregate or concrete. Decorative concrete does just that. It takes regular concrete and turns it into the “wow” factor. Many concrete contractors will pour the concrete, but a flooring specialist like us here at Counter Culture will come in and inform you of your options if there is a desire for something else. Depending upon the style or type of application you desire will need to be implemented before, during or after the concrete has cured.

We can also incorporate different decorative styles to your concrete project. Decorative concrete is a general term used for concrete that has a style associated with it. Some decorative styles and definitions are listed:

Acid Staining – An acid is applied to the concrete (after hardened) and lightly etches the concrete and colors the concrete. The application will have a marbleized effect to the existing slab.

Epoxy Flooring – Epoxy is a sealant generally used for high traffic areas. It gives the concrete extra strength. It will give the concrete a smooth and elegant look. Used in residential, commercial and industrial uses often.

Reflector Enhancer – This is a fairly new application where small shavings of metal and other reflective additives are mixed in with an epoxy. This mixture will result in a 3D look that will amaze customers and visitors.

Dyes – As concrete is poured, it can be mixed with different colors. Some popular colors include different hues of blue, red, and brown, but almost any color can be added to match the surrounding decor.

Concrete Overlays – This is a style where the existing concrete slab is cracked, pitted or damaged. A thin layer of cement mixed with acrylics are mixed and spread across the slab. Overlays can be a thickness from 1/8″ to 4″ or more.

We provide custom colors to make sure you stand out better than everyone else and can’t be duplicated. Call us today to get your free quote 479-323-0444!

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